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Silver Letter Tibetan Bead

Express it here!

Tibetan Style with your unique letter of your name.

Fits Original Pandora Charms Bracelet.

Alphabet Letter Charm.

With Clear CZ 100% 925 Sterling

Outer Diameter:10mm

List Price: $19.99
: $9.99
Are you a Fan Follower?

Let us take your personal signature, name, slogan, book title and create your original necklace! Express it here!

Fan Titles Here

Taylor Swift Fans: Swifties

Justin Bieber Fans: Beliebers

One Direction Fans: Directioners

Big Time Rush Fans: Rushers

: $39.00
Custom Signature Bracelet

The design is always more personal and unique if it is your own signature. Express it with your originality!

Be Creative, Be Unique...

Base Price $39.00
Eat Pray Drink!

Be unique, create your own signature with the club or group you love or any expression you are known for in your own writing.

Express it here!

: $39.00
Slanted Initial Letter Necklace Sterling Silver

Slanted Initial in Sterling Silver

Express who you are in any setting, a night out, on the beach or casually at home...either way, it's you!

: $45.00
Monogram Initial Necklace

Family Keep Sake. Unique. Express it!

Elegant and Bold at the same time.

Any combination acceptable.

Express it here with your children's initials, get creative!

: $46.00
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Have your silly words become your personal trademark?

Express it here!!

  • "YourName&HisName"
  • "Getalife"
  • "OMG"
  • "LUVYA"
  • "Youdabomb"
  • "Justdoit"
  • "TomNLynn"
  • "TrueLove"

: $49.00
Letter Initial Pendant Sterling Silver

Trendy, cute and oh so fun!



: $55.00
Slanted Initial Letter Necklace

Wear this Initial Necklace to a Classy, Sporty or Casual event.
Either way, your necklace is you!

: $58.00
Custom Kids Names in BOLD

Be creative...AdriNIzzy...Two names possible.

12 Letters Max. Express it here!

Mom or Dad's handwriting makes this the ultimate is originality and uniqueness...

: $59.00
BOLD Signature Jewelry

This express yourself necklace is designed for the "Bolder" personality.

Express it here!

Choose your name, another's name, couples signatures are popular!

: $59.00
Thumbprint Necklace

Express it with your unique THUMBPRINT!

Available in sterling silver or gold plated.

A piece to treasure forever...Be creative, your mates thumbprint, your childs thumbprint, best friends forever thumbprints.

: $59.00
Letter Initial Pendant in Gold

Trendy, cute and oh so fun! GOLD PLATED



: $65.00
Belly Custom Name Jewelry

This express yourself belly necklace is designed for the "Bolder" personality.

Going on cruise? Be different!

Express it here!

: $69.00