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Designs by Bernice Rochelle "Flowers and Chains"

Stainless Chain Maille decorated with Flower with Swarovski Stones

Elegant for the beach.

Fun for natures child.

Great for that destination wedding you are about to go to!

: $39.00
Designs by Bernice Rochelle "LGBT Be You"

Express who you are here!

Pride colors weaved in among the silver (Stainless Steel is standard) will not tarnish and colors of metal going through bracelet are Anodized Aluminum.

: $40.00
Designs by Bernice Rochelle "Copper Top"

Canadian made by one of South Africa's artisans.

Heavy Weighted (but not heavy at all) Copper Chain with German Enamel Gold Leaf Bead.

Pretty, will not tarnish...Medieval feel...

"This jewelry made me feel different and unique"

23k Gold Leaf on Bead

: $44.00
Designs by Bernice Rochelle "Twilight Inspired"

"Edward, where are you now?"

The movie  Twilight inspired many artist like Bernice to create pieces that make you feel a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.

: $50.00
Designs by Bernice Rochelle "Medieval Millicent"

Feel the weight of Stainless Steel on your chest...Substance at it's best.

Romantic feel and look...Available in a light weight metal.

: $59.00
Designs by Bernice Rochelle "Medieval Choker"

Gorgeous heavy Medieval metal, strong, masculine, yet feminine.

A romantic feel...

About Bernice Rochelle



: $65.00
Designs by Bernice Rochelle "Take me to the Opera Darling"

Elegance at its best.

Take me to the Opera...Fine Peyote Stitch made with Black/Charcoal Beads.

Delicate stones are Swarovski Red Crystal Stones, Clear Stones and Swaroski Pearls.

: $69.00
Designs by Bernice Rochelle "Thor Inspired"

Thor Inspired...Chain Maille...Worth it's weight...Feels heavy and feminine at the same time...

Yes, there is such a feeling of "romantic jewelry" and this is one of them...

: $69.00
Designs by Bernice Rochelle "Lady Ethelred Anklet"

Was once said to be a Nun...or was she??? Married twice? Mmmm

According to the Clerk of Oxford

: $80.00
Designs by Bernice Rochelle "Hail Caesar Anklet"

Inspired by Caesar himself, we can never tire of the jewelry they wore...or should I say the jewelry that wore them...

: $90.00
Designs by Bernice Rochelle "Wedding on the Beach"

Lady Marian would have had these on the day she would marry Robin

The marriage in Sherwood Forest of Robin Hood and Maid Marian in the presence of King Richard I is traditionally held to have occurred at St. Mary's Church in Edwinstowe, but is supported by no historical evidence outside ballads and stories. (Source)

Fine delicate chain Swarovski Light and Dark Champagne Colored Stones...Oh so pretty!

: $110.00
Designs by Bernice Rochelle "Double Cheetahs"

Double Cheetahs eyes are Onyx, remaining stones on head clear crystals.

Chain link only in Stainless, No tarnishing ever!

For that Medieval look and feel...

: $139.00
Designs by Bernice Rochelle "Snap Dragon" Copper Bag

    Chain mail noun historical : armor made of small metal rings linked together.

    Heavy metal feel...You have to put it on to appreciate the work and feel of this Snap Dragon Cross Bag.

    Stunning in design.

About Bernice Rochelle


: $219.00
Designs by Bernice Rochelle "Chandelier Chain Night Bag"

"Where are you Robin Hood?" Cried Maid Marian...

Gorgeous day or night bag.

Swarovski Stones gives off a Rainbow Clarity of Colors

: $279.00